What is VAPEX?
Vapex coin is a PoS/MN coin that was created to swap Vape Coin and introduce Masternodes.
What are the benifits from Masternodes??
Masternodes are not only helping to secure the Vapex network, but also gives Masternode holders a passive income. Masternode Holders will receive 65% of the block
What is the usage of VAPEX?
Vapex coins are used on an Online store platform where you can buy and sell Vaping and E-Cigarette products and ship around the world.
Why is our shop different?
We are not only using crypto currency as payment, but also offer customized Vaping gear.
3D printed enlosures, engraving, custom designs etc.


Algorithm : Xevan
Type : POS/MN
Max supply: Infinite
Staking age: 8h
Masternode Collateral : 2500 coins
RPC port: 8259
Block target: 1,5 min
MN reward: 65%

POS / MN Reward Structure:
300-100000 -5 VAPEX
100000-200000 -10 VAPEX
200000-300000 -5 VAPEX
300000-400000 -4.5 VAPEX
400000-500000 -4 VAPEX
500000-600000 -3.5 VAPEX
600000-700000 -3 VAPEX
700000-800000 -2.5 VAPEX
800000-900000 -1.5 VAPEX
900000-1000000 -1 VAPEX
1000000-Onwards -0.5 VAPEX

MN Holders get 65% of the block value


125.000 – Premine
50.000 – Swap for VAPE coin
62.500 – Presale
12.500 – Team/Bounty funds

Presale will be devided in 5 stages:

1. stage : Auction on our Discord channel 5 Masternodes – 5 SOLD ALREADY!!
2. stage : 5 Masternodes/ 0.125 BTC Each
3. stage : 5 Masternodes/ 0.15 BTC Each
4. stage : 5 Masternodes/ 0.20 BTC Each
5. stage : 5 Masternodes/ 0.25 BTC Each

If you are interested in a MN Please PM me on Discord


Various bounties and challenges will be run on our discord channel. 
Join to grab some VAPEX coins or Vaping gear.


2018 Q4
Exchange Listings
MN tracking sites listings
Coinmarketcap listing
Customized Vaping gear
Updating Webshop


GITHUB : https://github.com/VapeCoinDev/Vapex
Windows Wallet 32 Bit : https://github.com/VapeCoinDev/Vapex/releases/download/V1.0/vapexcoin-qt-32Bit.zip
Windows Wallet 64 Bit : https://github.com/VapeCoinDev/Vapex/releases/download/V1.0/vapexcoin-qt-64Bit.zip
Linux wallet : https://github.com/VapeCoinDev/Vapex/releases/download/V1.0/Vapex-Linux-wallets.tar.gz
MAC wallet 32Bit : https://github.com/VapeCoinDev/Vapex/releases/download/V1.0/Vapexcoin-Core.dmg
MAC wallet – High Sierra : https://github.com/VapeCoinDev/Vapex/releases/download/V1.0/VAPEXCOIN-Qt.dmg
DISCORD : https://discord.gg/Kp3PeR4
EXPLORER : https://blockexplorer.vapecoinshop.com/

We will be running a Discord Invite Bounty where the 1st prize will be a MN, alongside that, for every person that joins and buys a MN, you will get 500 VAPEX, also the person who has referred the most MN sales will be awarded with a MN. The Competition will run until 21st October 2018, winners will be announced by the 31st October 2018. Good Luck and have fun!